Welcome! I’m Bianca: keynote speaker, award-winning sociologist, and forthcoming author.

I am currently completing my PhD in Sociology at Rice University and am published in top academic journals including Social Forces, Sociology of Race and Ethnicity, and Socius. I have also written for Elle Magazine, and my public scholarship has been featured in CNN, TIME, ABC7, LA Times, Cheddar News, USA Today, among others. My first book, UNASSIMILABLE, comes out January 2025 with Harper Collins.

As a child of immigrants and mother to a Chinese-Filipino son, I am especially dedicated to helping Asian American communities celebrate our ethnic/racial identities, take up space in our respective fields on our own terms, and deepen our commitments to solidarity and liberation.

Previous to academia, I served Asian American youth in community-based organizations and taught Asian American Studies at college and high-school levels in the San Francisco Bay Area for nearly ten years. I currently serve on the board of Asian Texans for Justice.

Here, you’ll find art, writings, and conversations that invite you to deepen your commitment to collective liberation.

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"Bianca has an ability to combine academic learning and community-based experience, and break things down in ways that are understandable for community members with all levels of experience. Even if you've worked in racial justice coalitions for many years and think you've heard this before, you probably haven't heard it in a way that is so comprehensive and succinct. After the workshops, we are inspired to further examine how our programs that serve and advocate for primarily low-income Asian immigrants can be explicitly reframed with inclusion of an analysis of anti-Black racism."

John F., Director of FinanceChinese for Affirmative Action | San Francisco, CA

"Bianca came in to facilitate a workshop on Anti-Asian violence for Headspace. Months later and employees are still quoting her, citing what they learned from her workshop, and how they are using this information in their work."

Cornell V., Director of DEIHeadspace | Bay Area, CA

"Thanks to Bianca, we had a successful event focused on confronting anti-Blackness and building solidarity among Asian American communities. Participants found the background on AAPI history and solidarity helpful framing around current events. Bianca's knowledge and her ability to break topics down clearly and concisely shown through in her presentation. She also thoughtfully included time for breakout groups and discussion to ensure engagement during our session. We'd definitely would recommend her to others and we'd be happy to work with Bianca again!"

Frankie S., Director, Training OperationsFlatiron Health | New York, NY

"Bianca's work encompasses a wide range of knowledge and synthesis of the role of racial hegemony and how it effects racial groups' relationships. As a speaker she is engaging, thoughtful, and very easy to work with. My company found the presentation she gave very informative, and the following fireside chat super engaging. Many people had great things to say about Bianca, and were so happy we brought her into our workspace!"

Brianna B, Events SpecialistConsulting Group | San Francisco, CA

"Bianca assisted our team in further understanding who were individually, interpersonally and organizationally. Her in-depth sharing of knowledge and wisdom was pivotal in our progress this past Summer. Having virtual Asian American workshop sessions with Bianca was convenient, engaging, and allowed for our new team to get to know each other more and their roles within the organization. Bianca created a customized comprehensive curriculum that was tailored to our team and what we needed. Bianca guided and prepared our team to do our work more efficiently and confidently. It was a great experience and we definitely look forward to working with Bianca again in the future."

Christian B., Executive DirectorLyrical Opposition | Bay Area, CA